Work Session: Saturday March 23rd


The birds will be building, the vegetation will be gathering itself to burst into new growth. We will be there in the middle of it all, tidying and clearing, preparing for our own season of events.

Join us for all or part of the session, bring a packed lunch and sturdy boots. Work Gloves provided.

If you have any questions, please ring Hugh on (0114) 2339805 / mob. 07743 394203. Or email us:

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1 Response to Work Session: Saturday March 23rd

  1. Ronald Henry Tew says:

    Walkley cemetery was my childhood adventure ground-looking for blackberries 2nd world war years. I’m a 1935 model. Rivelin & Bolehills, also on my love list. My grandmother has a grave there which I have only heard about. Mary Slack- Gosney Born 8.12.1855. Died 27.10. 1890. First wife of John Gosney.of Crosspool. His farm is at the moment up for sale, Moorview. She died after giving birth to her 6th. child. I would love to find her grave. Hope to visit Walkley in the first part of this year. would it be possible to ask you to locate the grave?

    Kind regards Ron Tew. Gosney (my mother was Lilian Gosney we lived at 23, Providence Road.)

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