Baby-farming at Walkley

Walkley History

1887-11-07 baby farming elton street SDI

Sheffield Independent 7 November 1887

“On Wednesday last, a man and his wife,
who gave the address of Elton street, Walkley,
visited Eckington in search of the parents of
an infant child who had died whilst in their

The couple and their address are not revealed in this article but other evidence
shows that they were Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Slack of 41 Elton Street.

Elton Street 1950s map

(Visitors to the Walkley Ways marquee in Ruskin Park last Saturday will have
been standing close to the site of this house).

A month ago in answer to an advertisement
for a baby to nurse at Elton street, a man carrying
a child a few weeks old presented himself at the
address named, saying he wished to put the child
with them.

An example of these advertisements (from the following year, 1888)…

1888-07-24 baby farming advert

A young woman having had a misfortune by him,
he had…

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