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  1. Janet Green says:

    Hi, I recently visited the cemetery for the first time since my grandfathers funeral, as I was a small child my memories were rather different to the reality, please could you help me locate his grave?
    The family name is Sayles, and I belive his first name was George, I think he was buried in the late 50’s or early 60’s just to the left of the chapel. if you could keep me informed of any clearance you are planning to undertake my husband and I will try to help. thanks. Janet Green..

  2. Hello Janet,
    George SAYLES is buried in grave E214, which is indeed close to the site of the Chapel. He is buried with three other members of the SAYLES family and a child called Thomas HOOLE. If you send an email to the above address I will send you the details from the burial registers, and also a plan showing the exact location. As far as I can tell from the plan there is no gravestone, but I cannot be certain without a closer examination of the site. Our next work session in the cemetery will be on Saturday July 20th 10am-3pm.

  3. John Newbould says:

    having recently returned to the Sheffield area I am interested in its links with my grandfather Joseph Arthur Bingham who was the monu mental mason for the cemetery up to his death in the 1950’s.he was followed by his son Arthur. I also believe that the Bingham family were buried there.
    Any info. would be appreciated

    • hello John,

      Yes, Joseph Arthur is buried in the new (1922) part of the cemetery along with one of his sons, Stanley. He became sexton in 1918 following the death of his uncle Joseph whose house and yard had been in Rangley Road. Joseph Arthur moved the yard to just outside the cemetery gates. I have spoken to people who remember piles of stone on that site which now has a modern house on it.

      Joseph the uncle is buried close to the chapel (which no longer exists).

      I am away from my computer until Friday but I will gladly send you more details of these graves at the weekend. I often talk about the Binghams on our guided tours as I am interested in the people who worked there as well as those who are buried there.

      Can I ask, do you have any photographs of Joseph Arthur? I often wonder what he looked like.


  4. John Newbould says:

    Thanks for that Hugh, I think I have a photo of him and his 2nd wife Fanny I’ll try and send you a copy. Perhaps you will let me know when you have an ‘open day’ I’d like to attend.

    Regards: John

  5. Derek Needham says:

    I have visited Walkley Cemetery this morning to find my father and mothers grave, but sadly could not locate it. Sadly my recollection let me down. The names are Thomas (Tom) and Elsie Needham. Thomas died in the 1920’s and Elsie in 1991. Are you able to give me any more details. Many thanks in anticipation.

    • I am sorry you had a frustrating time finding this grave this morning. The grave reference is J 274, in the newer (1922) part of the cemetery. I am emailing you two plans to assist you in locating it.

      This is the inscription on the gravestone:
      In / loving memory of / TOM, the beloved husband of / ELSIE NEEDHAM / who died Dec. 7th 1936 aged 34 years / rest after weariness /
      also his dear wife / ELSIE / Died Jan 1st 1992 aged 90 years / reunited


  6. Derek Needham says:

    Please do not be sorry, these plans will greatly help. Many thanks Derek

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